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12 Best Financial Life Hacks to Improve Your Finances

Welcome to my latest post, Ramey Financial Life Hacks. My goal in writing this post is to help you improve ...
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How to Use the FinViz Stock Screener To Find Top Dividend Stocks

One of the best financial screeners that I currently use is the Finviz Stock Screener. Finviz is the site where ...
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4 Dividend Stocks To Buy In November

Here are four dividend stocks to buy in November. These stocks are currently on my dividend watchlist. While I recently ...
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The Top 3 Dividend Holdings

This post was originally featured on, where we are thankful to be listed as a 'dividend income hero'. Hello ...
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The Dividend Watchlist: 10/15/19

Today we'll review the dividend watchlist that I use in selecting my dividend stocks. This dividend watchlist is effective as ...
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moneybyramey-feedspot Now Featured on Feedspot!

In exciting news, is now featured in Feedspot's 'Top 30 Minneapolis Blogs' and the 'Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs'! ...
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6 Investing Tips for The Long-Run

In today's read, we'll go over the 6 Investing Tips for the Long-Run! No matter what type of investor you ...
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September 2019 Dividend Portfolio Roundup

Hi all, September was a busy month for the dividend portfolio. Between Chinese Tariff war news, a pending impeachment ...
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MoneyByRamey 9/30/19 The Week Ahead: 3 Stocks I’m Watching

Welcome to the series, 'The Week Ahead'. In these video series, we will be detailing what we are watching ...
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What is a Dividend Aristocrat?

What is a Dividend Aristocrat? I have seen many questions related to dividend-paying stocks. One of the main ones is ...
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Johnson & Johnson – JNJ Stock Dividend Analysis 2019

With the recent opioid lawsuit ruling, Johnson & Johnson recently became a contender on my stock screener watch list. Today ...
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The Intelligent Investor

7 Lessons I Learned from The Intelligent Investor

The Intelligent Investor Book Review Considered one of the best books on investing of all time, The Intelligent Investor is ...
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