Financial Wisdom

Quitting My Job: A One Year Check-in

May 15th 2019 marked one year since I walked into my boss’s office and announced that it was time to resign from my full time position. I held this position for 10 years and the change was indeed difficult. Today I’m writing about a one year reflection on quitting my job. Quitting My Job: A…

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Is A Gym Membership Worth It?

Is a Gym Membership worth it?  Should you be spending money on a monthly gym membership? Hello Financial Freedom Seekers! Today I’m fielding a question from a reader asking if a gym membership is worth it.  Basically, they are wondering if they should be spending money to pay for a monthly gym membership. Is a…

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Financial Freedom Is Knocking

Financial Freedom is Knocking Hi all, Matt here from!  I recently went debt-free in my life, and it is somewhat surreal as I can see that Financial Freedom is Knocking! It was a long process of selling my house, which was a great investment at the time, but gradually I saw that the interest…

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