Teaching Financial Freedom to the Universe!

Hi there and welcome!  I am honored and humbled that you decided to come and visit.  My name is Matt – everyone calls me by my last name though – Ramey –  thus this website was born.


I created this site because I wanted to combine two passion points of mine: Finance and Teaching.  Since I became interested in the world of high finance, I have been awestruck by how much there is to know.  What began as an interest in reading corporate financial reports has turned into a foray into a full fledged FIRE movement.  


My goal is to build up my passive income portfolio to $50,000/yr. in order to find the Financial and Time Freedom that I value so highly.   


Through the written word, video, podcasting, and other any other way possible, my sincere goal is to help teach you to the art of becoming Financially Free.  While my focus is high on dividend investing, I am always on the lookout to grow and improve my financial picture through any means possible. I want to teach you to do the same.   


So take a look around, discover what can apply to you, and if I can be of service, please let me know.  Upward and Onward to Financial Freedom!




We are working on building our Active Income sources. Want to find out how we are doing it?

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2019 Active Income

We are working on building our Passive Income portfolio to $50,000/yr.  Join us on the journey!

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Annual Passive Income
Dividend Portfolio

Looking for a place to begin?  Visit our Dividend Portfolio to see our current Annual Dividend Income.  Our goal is to build our portfolio of stocks that will generate $50,000/yr. in ADI.  


Sure, budgeting may seem boring, but it is the primary foundation step in the journey towards Financial Freedom.  In Simple Budgeting, I explain my entire process for setting up your budget.  Get your copy today!


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