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The MoneyByRamey.com Finance Blogroll

The Best Investing & Finance Blogs of 2021

We love financial education here at Money By Ramey! Since our goal is to teach Financial Freedom to the Universe, we decided to create a page dedicated to our favorite finance blogs that could be helpful in managing your finances and in achieving Financial Freedom.

Fortunately, in this age of information, wherein almost everything you need is just one click away, tons of finance blogs are readily available for you to read.

If you want to boost your money mindset, check out our page full of our top picks of the best finance blogs!

Meet the Dividend Diplomats duo, Lanny & Bert. Find loads of handy and valuable content on their blog about Investing, Side-hustling and Living frugally!

DividendDriven.com is an excellent site that highlights great investing advice.  The site has an excellent blogroll of dividend investors which is a great collection for you to continue improving your dividend acumen.

Anthony provides dividend yield analysis and commentary for the UK’s FTSE Indices and companies.  It's an interesting take, especially for those who are looking to diversify beyond the boundaries of their own country.  He has some great tools on his website as well, including a dividend watchlist. Check out his site today!

F.I.R.E people unite! Divvy Dad’s financial blog is here to help you learn about Dividend Growth Investing in addition to reach F.I.R.E lifestyle.

Keith Park found his way to educate us about stock investing in a very uncomplicated and more reader-friendly approach. Be sure to check out his blog today.

Check out Darth Dividend's Youtube channel that's intended for millennials who are enthusiastic about learning anything Dividends. Make sure to subscribe to his channel so you'll get updates on Investing and a whole lot more!

Start your journey towards Financial Independence! Get inspired by Mr. B's story and connect with other people on this journey. Learn how you could ace the game of financial independence by visiting Game of Budgets today.

Sure Dividend focuses on helping people invest better. They help individual investors build high-quality dividend growth portfolios for the long run.

Want to learn how to build your wealth using Dividend Growth Investing? Dividend Power will help you learn how to manage your money to save, invest, and achieve financial independence. Be sure to check out all of Dividend Power's Investing and Saving Resources too!

FIRE Blogs

Don't Work Another Day is a new favorite blog of mine where Forrest produces a ton of great content for those seeking to join the ranks of FIRE. 

From the website: Don't Work Another Day is a personal finance, investing, and entrepreneurship blog devoted to helping individuals achieve life long wealth. Our mission is to help others get away from the 8-5 life, and live life on their own terms. 

Founded by J.D Roth in 2006, Get Rich Slowly has been one of the best finance blogs out there. You can find different money categories that will definitely help in achieving Financial Freedom.

You will love Jeff’s financial blog. He is a professional financial planner and wrote a best-selling book on personal finance.

Leblon Blue has interesting takes on financial topics. I find that her writing style and background appeals to many individuals and provides interesting insights. She also has a free financial survey questionnaire to booster your monetary self-awareness which is very awesome. 

Join Greg and Jerry as they give you the best source of ideas and inspiration so you too can conquer Financial Freedom. Be part of the Money Vikings Tribe and start finding your own path to financial freedom!

investing Blogs

Joshua founded his blog with an emphasis on finance and investing advice for lawyers. I find that his keen money insights apply to everyone! Give his blog a read, which includes What is your bonus tax rate? and the 25 best lawyer movies of all time!

Want to know everything about Investing? Let Mike Peper teach you the art of Investing in an uncomplicated way.

Joseph Sheeley a.k.a Small Ivy is an individual investor with over 30 years of experience investing in the markets. With the purpose to teach us how to build wealth and invest in order to reach financial independence, The Small Investor's blog is really worth checking out.

Stockideas.org is an interesting site that discussing everything from swing trading to credit cards to bitcoin. The author is a self-proclaimed value investor that also uses swing trading techniques.

Steve Adcock found ways on how you can retire early! You would not want to miss this for the world.

Adam Baker takes you to his journey to being debt-free. His powerful blog will empower and motivate you to begin stepping the same route.

According to Mike Hall, The Stock Trading Reality Podcast is designed to educate investors of all experience levels. They interview real traders, discuss their trading journey, and lessons traders learned along the way, both positive and negative. So be sure to subscribe to their podcast and grab their FREE one hour trade transformation training.


Are you ready to get debt free? Then be sure to visit Mr. Jamie Griffin's website! Learn how to organize your debt, make a plan, and get debt free today. You can also find tons of other helpful finance-related topics on his website.

Whether you want to pay off debt, build wealth, start investing or retire well, Jon has all the best financial tools you need for success! He is also offerring FREE email courses to help you achieve financial success.