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I am an investor with 15+ years in the dividend investing sphere. During that time frame, I have been honing my dividend investing strategy. It is to a point where I can see the fruits of my labor paying off.I could do everything in secret and be a 'stealthy-wealthy' person. But that's not me. In fact, I write because when I was in my early 20s, another blogger inspired me on my journey towards dividend income by writing about his own progress.

By reading and understanding his posts, I learned how to begin the journey and as a result, I am currently building my portfolio up towards $50,000 in annual dividend income. While he no longer writes, I choose to. Why? Because I want you to be Financially Free! The art of investing is not complicated and once you understand how to do it for yourself and begin to see the rationale to the seemingly mad world of stocks, you will achieve a peace and serenity through the MoneyByRamey.com art of dividend investing. So join us and learn how to invest in dividend paying stocks!