Welcome to Dividend Income: The Trend

In spite of the ups and downs in the markets over the years, here I wanted to show you how our Annual Dividend Income (ADI) continues to grow and grow:

The Dividend Income Story

What began as a small foray into the world of dividend investing is starting to take on runaway growth when it comes to annual dividend income.

I remember when I first started the new strategy, my annual dividend income was $566.90.  I wondered how I would ever get to a point where I could live off passive income - namely dividend income.

Now I am at a point where my annual dividend income is in the four-figures mark during the high payout months!  While this is a long ways off from the $50,000/yr. in annual dividend income which I seek, I can see the benefits of buying stock in solid companies and keeping those positions on a dividend reinvesting plan.  The Power of DRIP is real.

Dividend Income: Trending Up

I love when my stocks go Ex-Dividend; to me, it means more ownership in some of the greatest companies the world over.  I put together this page as I wanted to provide data that captures the benefit of a dividend investing strategy.

There is some historical data missing here as I came up with this tracking idea only after investing and valuable feedback from my readers.  My goal is to continue updating this as much as possible to show how the dividend income figure is trending.

While I expect this to be on the upswing, I do expect some dips; if a company cuts its dividend, or decides to lower its dividend, or, worst case, is run out of business, this could show a drop in ADI.  However, I combat this by diversification; I look to buy in new companies frequently and limit my max exposure in any one entity to 15% of the total portfolio value.

As always, you can find out more about what positions make up the ADI at our dividend portfolio page.

Happy investing!

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