Simple Investing: The Dividend Investing Strategy to Grow Your Passive Income

Investing doesn't have to be difficult, challenging, or overly-complex. In fact, investing can be simple. I wrote Simple Investing: The Dividend Investing Strategy to Grow Your Passive Income to reach those investors that are interested in learning more about how dividend investing might work for them.

Why Dividends?

Through investing in stocks that pay dividends, I have been able to accumulate nearly $9,000+ per year in annual dividend income. This income is entirely passive in nature and continues to be reinvested year-over-year in awesome, quality dividend-paying stocks through a dividend reinvesting plan.

Just take one look at Dividend Income: The Trend, and you will see where the growth is heading:

While past results are never indicative of future returns, I am sure happy to see the general trend of dividend income moving in an upward direction.

What is the Dividend Investing Strategy?

In the Dividend Investing Strategy, the investor becomes primarily interested in the income he or she earns from an investment, rather than the percentage gain or loss on particular positions.

I find that this way of thinking helps investors to begin thinking of stocks as income generation machines, rather than just blips on a screen in a seemingly random fashion.

By focusing on Annual Dividend Income as the metric of successful execution, investors can begin to divorce themselves from the erratic day-to-day market swings of Mr. Market and focus instead on owning great companies, at great prices, that pay regular dividends.

Can Investing Really Be Simple?

I personally think so. I believe that the idea that 'investing is complex' has been orchestrated by a financial services industry that has benefitted from cloaking much of the investing process to ensure that the general public is in the dark.

Now, I'm not saying that anybody off the street will be a 'whiz-kid investor' just by looking at a stock screener. Rather what I am saying is that if one has the tenacity, grit, and determination to maintain and manage their own portfolio, it is definitely achievable.

What Can I Learn from this Book?

In Simple Investing, I look to provide an all-in-one reference manual for anyone looking to get started in the world of dividend investing. I have personally loved being the owner of my portfolio and want to showcase the journey.

By purchasing Simple Investing, you will be able to read more about:

  1. My personal journey towards developing the dividend investing strategy.
  2. The reasons why I think the strategy is so great, in both bull and bear markets.
  3. Why focusing on annual dividend income helps investors better pick stocks.
  4. What tools I use to help select stocks.
  5. The criteria I use in selecting dividend stocks.
  6. Learn to develop your own dividend investing criteria.
  7. The 7 step QuickView process in action.
  8. The 4 sections of the Spread process in action.
  9. What questions make up a great Deep Dive process.
  10. Real-life examples of analyzing stocks.

Purchase Your Copy Today!

For the price of a cup or two of coffee, you can completely change your financial life forever by purchasing Simple Investing! I have taken 15+ years to develop this strategy and it is all in the pages of this book!

Good luck and happy investing!