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I sincerely hope that you will find value in the information contained within.

Our one goal is that it will help you in your journey towards Financial Freedom because in the end, being Financially Free is what this is all about.  We do this by writing about Active Income efforts and Passive Income ideas such as Dividend Investing.

The purpose of is onefold: to Teach Financial Freedom to the Universe!

Originally this was to teach Financial Freedom to the world but I happen to be a big believer that in this big, vast, unexplored universe, we may find some kindred souls, so I did not want to exclude any star-space neighbors or relatives to which we have not yet been introduced.

No matter if we are earth-side or ET-side, through the achievement of Financial Freedom comes the ability to achieve Time Freedom.

With Time Freedom comes living the life we are meant to live. Isn’t that the most important thing we can focus our efforts on?  Being who we are, doing what we are meant to do, living the life that is truly our own?

While Financial and Time Freedom is not easy to achieve, it is well worth the efforts required day-in, and day-out.  If I can assist you on this journey, I have lived my true calling.


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I say with humility that I have been blessed with the ability to manage money and invest.  Over the course of my life, I have found that many of my friends and family have come to me for financial advice. Talking stocks, business, system and operations improvements are all passion points of mine.  Finance or Business related topics send my energy flowing seamlessly.

My own working life has consisted of stints in the Finance realm at a Fortune 100 company and more recently at a Commodity Trading Firm.  In both of these positions, I gained knowledge and experience commensurate to managing money, investing, and financial analysis.  I look to bring this knowledge to my readership and the businesses I serve.

For me though, it has never been about the money.  I am not driven by the inherent desire to make money for monies sake.  There are some people that I know to which this appeals to them.  I have found that I am not one of those people.  I like money, I want to have money, but my primary driver in being Financially Free is to have the Time Freedom necessary to give back to the world; to have more time for coaching, for serving, for helping those around me.

If I can buy you lunch, my day is made.

So here I am, combining the two passions: finance and writing.  I also have a poetry blog that I post my writings and thoughts on – I encourage you to visit:

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I sincerely thank you with all of my heart for visiting and being a reader of this site.  My personal goal is to positively influence the lives of others through my writings and teaching.  Whether you are a beginner, an expert, or somewhere in between in financial affairs, I humbly believe that I can offer something to you and your financial journey that will make the journey a bit easier and a bit lighter.

So let’s connect, share ideas, and learn and grow on this journey together!  Happy investing!

As always, stay Upwards and Onwards towards Financial Freedom!


Matt Ramey