Recommended Services

Hi to all of my Financial Freedom seekers!  I've created this page for those of you looking for recommended services to help you in your journey to Financial Freedom!

Below you will find a list of services that I use on a daily basis to help build my companies, manage my daily cash flow, or otherwise improve my life.

Note that the links below contain may contain affiliate links.  Where possible I try to make sure you get a great deal for signing up for the service!

CapitalOne Checking & Savings

All of my major banking has been transitioned to an online bank, Capital One.  Despite its recent issue with being hacked, I still utilize its services on a daily basis, and I recommend you do too!

What are some reasons I bank with CapitalOne?:

Interested in learning more?  Visit CaptialOne today!


I have been utilizing Dreamhost's awesome services since I've been online.  They have been very good to me, and as a result, I like to tell the world about its services.

Why do I like Dreamhost?:

  • Affordable hosting.  They won't nickle and dime you like some other hosting services I've dealt with through my client's website building process.
  • Great customer service.  Everytime I've needed a question answered, they were there, no questions asked.
  • Shared Hosting. I host about 15 personal domains with them right now.  I've never had an issue I couldn't fix.

The best part is, they are offering you a $50 discount if you use this link to sign up!  So if you're thinking about building out a website, don't delay!  Get hosting through Dreamhost!