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Guest Post Heading

Here at Money By Ramey, I am constantly searching for ways to work with businesses and fellow finance bloggers.  This includes offering guest posts and other collaboration opportunities.  

Guest Posting

As someone that teaches Financial Freedom to people, I am beyond thankful to influence a widespread range of Financial Freedom seekers. This is why I offer the opportunity to connect and collaborate with other bloggers all around the world; to help increase our spread of the money message.

If you are interested in guest posting for us, we gladly welcome relevant content.  We define relevant content as that content that revolved around money.  This could include, but is not limited to:

  • Money Topics
  • Credit cards
  • Investing & Stock Analysis
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Savings
  • Taxes
  • Dividends

Guest Post Guidelines for Money By Ramey

If you would like to write a guest post for us, here are the general guidelines for submission:

  • Money-related in some way, shape or form.  Though our readership is mostly investing-oriented, we strive to cover all topics of money, so anything is accepted here.
  • 1,000+ words.  The higher the count, the more relevant and better chance for organic rankings.
  • 2-3 outside links per article.
  • Let us know the keyword you are wanting to target.  We can collaborate here to ensure that we are not doubling up on keywords.
  • The post must be unique to and not published elsewhere.
  • Include a headshot and brief bio on yourself.
  • We welcome multiple guest articles from fellow bloggers and authors as well.  Feel free to submit as many topics as possible.
  • Images (as attachments) if you want them included in your article.

Collaboration & Linkbacks

At, we also welcome the opportunity to link to your quality, money-related content.  If you think that we might benefit by including a link to your work, drop us a line at and we'll review the materials.

We also would appreciate links to our site as well.  That way we can grow our readership and messaging together!


Do you have any questions about the guest post process?  Drop us a line at and I'll see if we can answer them for you!