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Who Is Mr. Market?

Mr. Market is the affectionate term for the general crazy reactions of the stock market as a whole. It is ...
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Quitting My Job: A One Year Check-in

May 15th 2019 marked one year since I walked into my boss's office and announced that it was time to ...
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Dividend Income Update: $4,066.73

Time for the Dividend Income Update: with the purchase of $XOM, my dividend portfolio has crossed over the $4k ...
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Is A Gym Membership Worth It?

Is a Gym Membership worth it? Should you be spending money on a monthly gym membership? Hello Financial Freedom Seekers! ...
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Why And How You Should Live Within Your Means To Resolve Your Debt

A lot of people are oblivious about living a debt-free life. A great number of young adults nowadays can identify ...
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Traveling? Try An Exchange Rate Vacation

Are you traveling anytime soon?  Thinking about where you want that next trip to be.  Have you considered an Exchange ...
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What Is The Dow Jones Industrial Average (Aka The Dow)?

What is The Dow Jones Industrial Average (aka The Dow)? The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), more commonly referred to ...
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Financial Freedom Is Knocking

Financial Freedom is Knocking Hi all, Matt here from! I recently went debt-free in my life, and it is ...
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Is A 401k Worth It Anymore? The Drawbacks Of 401ks And IRAs

Today we'll look to answer the question on your minds: "is a 401k worth it anymore?" Is your money being ...
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My Journey To Living Debt-free

My Journey to Living Debt-Free: The Story My 35th birthday is quickly approaching and I gave myself the ultimate ...
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