Our goal is to teach you the art of dividend investing.

You can find articles, analysis, and much more to improve your investing acumen.

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Getting Started

Learning the art of dividend investing takes time.  It is simple in process, but challenging in execution.  My goal with the Dividend Learning Center is to give you a great place to start.  I'll be adding to this whenever possible.  Good luck and happy investing!

When you are first beginning, it is recommended to read these pages in the order presented.

1. Dividend Portfolio - Check out the MBR portfolio and see what stocks we own.  This is live tracked via a google spreadsheet.

2. Dividend Income: The Trend - See how our dividend income grows over time.  In buying great stocks at great prices, we are building towards more passive income, which will eventually turn into Financial Freedom!

3. The Dividend Investing Strategy - check out the basics around the Dividend Investing Strategy.

4. The Best Dividend Stocks for 2019 - Here you will see a list of our recommended best dividend stocks.

5. Live Free and Div Hard - Sign up to receive the latest information, tips, and tricks for investing and money management!

6. The Power of DRIP - You have heard of DRIP investing.  Now check out the power behind the strategy!


Articles All About Dividends

Two Investment Risk Spectrum Strategies

In a dividend investing strategy, each stock purchase falls onto the investment risk spectrum continuum. At one end of this ...
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2019 Passive Income Update: $6,065.48

In January 2019, I wrote up a post in which I detailed the goals for MoneyByRamey.com. One of this years ...
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Kohl’s: KSS Stock Analysis 2019

Recently, I added a new stock into my dividend portfolio: Kohl's Corp (KSS). As a value investor, this stock has ...
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Dividend Income Update: $4,066.73

Time for the MoneyByRamey.com Dividend Income Update: with the purchase of $XOM, my dividend portfolio has crossed over the $4k ...
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What Is The Dow Jones Industrial Average (Aka The Dow)?

What is The Dow Jones Industrial Average (aka The Dow)? The Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), more commonly referred to ...
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Dividend Purchase: Seagate Stock Analysis 2019

Seagate ($STX) Stock Dividend Analysis Seagate Technologies ($STX) came across as an interesting prospect on my screening tool. It offers ...
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A Day In The Life Of A Dividend Investor

A Day in the Life of a Dividend Investor The markets are in turmoil. Stocks are on track for the ...
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What Is The Ex-dividend Date?

What is the Ex-Dividend Date? In the world of dividend investing, investors are looking to receive those routine dividend payments ...
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Moneybyramey.com Divtalk – December 15th 2018

DivTalk - December 15th, 2018 Hey all, happy Saturday! In this DivTalk video, I go over market swings, a dividend ...
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My Dividend Stocks: December 2018 Dividend Portfolio Update

My Dividend Stocks: December 2018 MoneyByRamey.com Dividend Portfolio Update Hi and welcome to all the investors around the world. Below ...
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7 Tips For Handling Stock Market Volatility

7 Tips for Handling Stock Market Volatility Trading in the markets is not for the faint of heart. Seeing positions ...
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Top 3 Best Stock Research Websites

Welcome to DivTalk! In this video, I go over my Top 3 Best Stock Research websites: SeekingAlpha.com, SEC.gov, and FinViz.com ...
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Ford Stock Analysis

My M.O. as an investor is to initiate positions in solid, well-valued companies with a stable dividend. My dividend portfolio ...
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Dividend Investing Strategy_

Dividend Investing Strategy

Dividend Investing Strategy: An Overview So you have some capital of available and you are looking to begin investing on ...
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Dividend Purchase: AT&T

My Dividend Journey: $T Purchase   In my quest for a life lived off of passive income, I finally pulled ...
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What Does $1,075.11 Mean to Me? My Dividend Journey

Achieving Financial Freedom Through Dividend Investing To all my #FinancialFreedom seekers out there, welcome and thank you for being a ...
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Dividend Purchase: Starbucks vs. Coca-Cola Showdown

In continuing our search for the Best Dividend Stocks, we will welcome the showdown between Starbucks ($SBUX) vs. Coke ($KO).  ...
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Dividend Purchase: Procter & Gamble ($PG)

Dividend Analysis: $PG Hello to all my awesome readers!  I hope I have been bringing you value through my writings.  ...
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