The Simple Series

Welcome to The Simple Series by  These are books that I have written with one goal in mind; to make complex money topics simple.

Simple Budgeting

I wrote Simple Budgeting: A Minimalist's Guide to Setting Up Your First Budget for anyone looking to improve their budgeting process.

In this book, you will find:

  • Why a budget is so important for Financial Freedom
  • The most important parts of the budget
  • The 8 step budget process
  • The 4 sections of a great budget
  • Template designs and ideas for your budget

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Simple Investing

I wrote Simple Investing: The Dividend Investing Strategy to Grow Your Passive Income for anyone looking to understand the dividend investing strategy in greater detail.  I have been honing this investment strategy for 15+ years and seen my dividend portfolio grow to $5.5k+ per year in annual dividend income.

In this book, you will read about:

  • The Dividend Criteria I use in selecting stocks
  • The 7 steps of the QuickView investing process
  • How I complete The Spread process and numbers I look at
  • Questions to ask in the Deep Dive process
  • Real-life examples of the strategy in action

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About The Simple Series

The Simple Series is a collection of books by me, Matthew Ramey.  I am the owner and operator of, where I Teach Financial Freedom to The Universe.

By building up passive income sources through investing and managing money properly, I can see the road to Financial Freedom being paved before me.

One element drives all of my writing: simplicity.

I strive to make the most complex topics simple for all of my users.  By doing so, learning is increased and concepts better understood.

I promise that any book that I write will be a part of The Simple Series, not only in name, but in execution as well.

Enjoy and be sure to provide feedback on what other topics you would like me to write about!

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