The Money By Ramey Dividend Portfolio: July 2022

July 2022 Dividend Payout

Hi everyone! Apologies for the delay – been busy here with some time off and closing on a new investment property. Will write up a new post on the investment property once we get settled in. It’s been quite the journey thus far – only sad thing is that I had to sell some stock…

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What To Do After Financial Independence?

You’ve achieved financial independence, and now you find yourself at a crossroads. On one side, you have a successful business that generates more money than you can ever spend, and on the other side lies the future – full of unknown mystery. I was once at one such crossroads. It doesn’t matter how you achieve…

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Make Your 2022 Trading Resolution & Keep At It

2022 New Year Trading Resolution Several people would’ve retrogressed by the end of January regarding new year’s resolutions. Most memberships of fitness clubs will skyrocket around the first week of the year, yet several people would’ve stopped frequently attending within a month or two of the new year. Unfortunately it’s a sad but accurate fact…

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