The Money By Ramey Dividend Portfolio: January 2023

Hi everyone! As we begin 2023, we reflect back on 2022 and all that has come with it. The wife and I (and baby girl) have sure had a lot of changes:

  • We gave birth to our daughter Raiya, who is going to turn 1 soon!
  • We bought an investment property and began a dive into real estate.
  • I received a promotion at work, which has been taking up a lot of my time.

Overall, we feel truly blessed to be on this journey to financial freedom and it’s always great to see the dividends on autopilot! We have some exciting announcements coming up for MoneyByRamey in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned.

Here is the Dividend Portfolio January 2023 Update: January 2023 Dividends

January 2023 dividends came in at $276.18 which represents a (8.25%) decrease vs. $302.86 worth of dividends earned in January 2022.

While I don’t like to see a downward trajectory in the monthly dividends, keep in mind that this decrease is mainly due to selling stocks to help fund a multi-family real estate purchase.

The crazy thing about the yoy percentages is that I’ve been tracking them in our files – this is the lowest yoy decrease we’ve seen since the purchase of our property – I’m hopeful that this is a trend that will hold as the dividend portfolio continues to cover itself thru dividend increases and the DRIP program.

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January 2023 Top 10 Stocks by Value

As you can see, the top 10 positions by overall value rank in the MoneyByRamey dividend portfolio are made up of a solid 10 performers – all US based.

$JNJ maintains the #1 spot.

$PG jumps into the #2 spot. What a strong brand!

$KO solidly in the #3 spot.

$AAPL swings back into the #4 spot (last month it was $ADM).

$ADM falls to the #5 spot – still very respectable.

What else will I be adding to the portfolio in 2022 and beyond? I’ll be on the lookout for the next best stocks on the MoneyByRamey Dividend Stocks Watchlist.

January 2023 Top 10 Stocks by Dividend Income

$KO finally overtakes $JNJ as the top income producing stock! Why? Simply put, it is all in the reinvestment. In nearly all of my positions, I have been taking dividends as reinvestment and not cash, which allows me to accumulate more and more of the great stocks in my portfolio.

$JNJ still rock solid at the #2 spot for dividend income and the #1 spot for value! This has been a great stock to own!

$PG is great performer, being #2 for value and #3 for dividend income. Such a solid performer. This shows that consumer staples is still a solid sector to be involved in.

$XOM is #4 for dividend income. With oil prices on the rise, Exxon Mobil is set for years to come. With the world transition to more green energy inititaives, I’m not sure this will be a long-term play in the portfolio, but for now I am taking Exxon’s dividends in cash and using it to deploy into new trades.

Remaining in the top 5 is $SJM. This was due to an update of dividend increases – great to see Smuckers as such a solid dividend paying stock!

Check out the Full Portfolio here.

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