2021 Investing Trends for Investors to Watch

2021 Trends for Investors to Watch

2020 was a certainly crazy year and 2021 is already off to an interesting start in its own right. While I’m hopeful that the overall global pandemic will begin to wane and the world can return back to somewhat normal conditions, I do foresee certain trends that investors need to be on the lookout for…

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Webull Review & App Overview


Hi all! In today’s changing trading environment, I want to ensure that I keep up-to-date on all the available tools and resources in the financial freedom journey. Today I will go over my Webull Review and offer my thoughts on the trading platform. Since I never want to write about a product I haven’t used…

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Dividend Stocks to Consider During the Coronavirus Spread

Hi all, with all the changes in the markets of late, I wanted to create a post with the updated MoneyByRamey.com Dividend Stocks Watchlist March 2020. Note: You can always download the latest list at the Dividend Stocks Watchlist. The Coronavirus Effect on Stocks The Coronavirus is certainly a worldwide pandemic. It is my sincere…

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Why Investors Should Consider Dividend Growth Stocks

Today, we welcome the guest post, “Why Investors Should Consider Dividend Growth Stocks” from Bob Ciura at Sure Dividend. Enjoy! Also worth a read: 11 Things to Look for When Look for When Investing in Dividend Stocks There are many investing styles to choose from. Investors can buy growth stocks, value stocks, dividend stocks, and…

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Dividend Income Update December 2019: $6,009.19

Blue graph with a man writing on the background

Welcome to the MoneyByRamey.com Dividend Income Update for December 2019. With the Pfizer ($PFE) dividend increase from $0.36 to $0.38, the MoneyByRamey.com Dividend Portfolio crosses another milestone – $6,000+ in dividend income!   Not only is this a $1,000 incremental milestone, but it also happened to be our annual dividend income goal for 2019.   Now that…

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Dividend Stocks Watchlist 12.08.2019

stock market graph shown in a screen

Here is the MoneybyRamey.com Dividend Stock Watchlist for 12.08.19. In this list, you will find the best dividend stocks sortable via significant dividend investing criteria. These dividend stocks are excerpted from the same proprietary financial models that I use when looking for new stocks to invest in. By utilizing this screener on a daily basis,…

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11 Things to Look for When Investing in Dividend Stocks

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Investing in dividend stocks is as much art as it is science. Each individual or company has its own ‘secret sauce’ which they utilize to select their stocks. In this post, I’ll go over the 11 things I look for each time I am doing my stock analysis. #1 Low Debt (<2x) The very first…

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The MoneyByRamey.com Dividend Watchlist: 10/15/19

Today we’ll review the dividend watchlist that I use in selecting my dividend stocks. This dividend watchlist is effective as of 10/15/19. We’ll sort by the four criteria I often use: Share Accumulation Trading Off Lows PE Ratio Dividend Income *Note that the screener is currently slated with $1,000 as the initial investment amount. *If…

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6 Investing Tips for The Long-Run

In today’s read, we’ll go over the 6 Investing Tips for the Long-Run! No matter what type of investor you happen to be or which strategy you use, everyone needs to have a solid investing rationale when deploying capital into the markets.  While my personal investing strategy is buying stocks that pay dividends, the 6…

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