Financial Freedom Is Knocking

Financial Freedom is Knocking

Hi all, Matt here from!  I recently went debt-free in my life, and it is somewhat surreal as I can see that Financial Freedom is Knocking!

It was a long process of selling my house, which was a great investment at the time, but gradually I saw that the interest I was paying on a monthly basis was ‘dead money’.

Even if I did get good write offs on my taxes via the mortgage interest expense deduction, I felt like I was utilizing a credit card with a large running balance each month.  Whether or not you think home ownership is a good thing, I do not think paying astronomical amounts of interest is a good financial maneuver.

In fact, looking at the math on my house, I only paid down $31k of principle on a $175k note.  So the majority of my house payments went straight into a banker’s hands.

For my next house purchase, I’ll be taking on a 15 yr mortgage or paying much more cash down so that my velocity point of paying down the mortgage happens much quicker.

Why do I say all this?  Because the act of selling my home and cashing out for a nice payday inspired me to write the following poem.  The future is surely bright!

Financial Freedom is Knocking

Financial Freedom is knocking

At my door

Give me more

Of the good life.

Let’s de-stress

At our behest

And keep the Divs

Rolling in.

To what do I owe

My good fortune?



And a little bit of luck.

Things are looking up

I can see the light,

Surely shining bright.

Pure Freedom,

Here I come.

MR, 4/1/19

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