Best Books of August 2018: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Best Books of August 2018: Modern Romance by Aziz Ansari

Hello to all my Financial Freedom Seekers!  It is time for my first ever addition of my recommended monthly book series!   Note that these books will not always be financial in nature – rather they will be books that I am actively reading.  I hope you enjoy.


Ramey’s Review

I have heard from multiple people that Modern Romance is a must-read book.  Curious, but never fully motivated to pick up the book, I delayed reading this until August 2018.  That was a mistake.  Modern Romance belongs on the Best Books of August 2018 list!

Modern Romance is about the current state of dating throughout the world.  Aziz and his research team attempt an in-depth study regarding the current state of how and why individuals are dating.  The results are fascinating.

Beginning with his own personal stories and a great sense of humor, Aziz looks into the previous concept of dating: “location-based” versus the current state of dating: “worldwide” and how the current concept of Tinder dating is affecting the everyday man and woman.

I am enthralled by anything psychology and this book reads to me as a psychological thriller.  I am currently at the section where he is contrasting the dating styles of Japan vs. Argentina vs. Paris; to see how the cultural differences affect the dating scene is downright amazing.  Each culture has its own ins, outs, and particular curious hurdles.

I recommend you pick up and read this book.  It does not matter if you are happily married, single and looking, or single forever, the concepts in this book point to a shift in a cultural phenomenon from which there is no turning back.

Online dating is here stay.  How does it affect you, your friends, your children?  Read this book to find out!]]>

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