Practice Gratitude

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Around this time of year I take a few moments out of my day to really remember what I am grateful for: a healthy body, the ability to have a flexible work schedule, and of course, my awesome cat Caesar. 🙂  Of course there is much more for which I am constant gratitude but to remember the constants is what this journey is all about as each and every one of us endeavors towards our own version of Financial Freedom.

Time for a Gratitude Check-in!

Over the years I have learned to want less, value more, and give thanks in all circumstances. No matter where you are at today, take a moment today and write a list of of things, people and circumstances for which you are grateful. If you make this into a daily habit, rest assured that you will begin to notice the little things more and being in good spirits will be the norm.

This journey towards Financial Freedom is one that can either bring us overwhelming anxiety and trepidation or peace and serenity of mind.  It is all about how we choose to pursue today.  Go out today and make gratitude on the forefront of your mind and Financial Freedom will be a natural outgrowth of your gratitude mindset.]]>

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