Motivation Monday 7/23/18 – Rise and Shine!

RISE AND SHINE to Financial Freedom Seekers everywhere!   It is the start to another great week!

But I’m Not Motivated on Monday…

Oh yes you are!  It is a great day to get the week off to a positive beginning with the ‘Rise and Shine’ mentality.  What you do today sets the tone for the rest of your week.

Life is all about mindset and how you think is how you live.  So today, right now, get your mind in a positive state and rest will follow suite!

Some questions for you to consider as you start your week:

  • What time did you get up this morning?
  • Are you taking hold of the day or is the day taking hold of you?
  • Do you have your goals broken down into smaller and smaller goals until the reality of achieving those goals is apparent?

Quote of the Day

The Power of The Dividend

The Dividend is one of the most powerful financial concepts in the known universe.  A Dividend payment is when a company pays you out of its earnings and free cash flow.  You, as the owner, simply sit back and reap the rewards of being an owner in a great company.

When I went in to update my spreadsheet on my Budget Day this week, I decided to update my dividend spreadsheet.

Since increases do not happen all that frequently, maybe one time per year for most stocks, I usually just glance at the numbers to see how everything is coming along instead of updating the dividend payment.

Well lo and behold three of my stocks had an increase in their quarterly payout in dividends since I last updated the dividend per share!

This amazing concept took my annual dividend income from $866.15 to $893.35 per year – an increase of  $27.20 per year!

Now $27.20 may not seem like a lot of money but I see the power of the “Snowball” effect in action.

Being on the DRIP model, this is more stock I can reinvest into these awesome companies which will continue to increase my dividend income even further.

Long story short, I get a passive income raise of $27.20 just for being an owner in these companies.  I do not have to work harder for the income; I just sit back and reap of the reward of my ownership in these wonderful companies.

I am one step closer to my dream of Financial Freedom.  Brick by wonderful Brick my friends.





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