Passive Income Indicator

My Journey to Live on Passive Income

The goal here at is generating Passive Income to cover our day-to-day expenses.  We can achieve this through various means, but our primary source is through income-producing dividend stocks.   You can see our progress below!


Financial Freedom is Around the Corner

As you can see, I am a long ways from achieving my dream.  However, I have a ‘brick by brick’ mentality.  If I stay the course, one day I will achieve the dream: Financial Freedom!

I personally define #FinancialFreedom as being in a position where I am no longer needing to work for a living as I am generating enough income through investments to choose what I do with my time.

In addition to dividend and interest income, I am working on making more passive income through writing, rentals, loaning money, and any other source of income I can produce.


Go Up and Never Stop]]>