Why Novice Traders Blow up the CFD Account

Today we welcome a guest post regarding trading in the Forex markets. I personally don’t trade much in forex, but always find the ins and outs of trading methods fascinating. The goal is to continually keep learning – enjoy!

In Forex, many traders blow up the account because of taking the wrong actions. They can’t properly know about the market. Due to this reason, they start to make huge mistakes in the market. However, to decide the right steps, you must develop a proper understanding of the market. For understanding the market, you should try utmost to do the proper research. In the market, some traders don’t prioritize the process of acquiring knowledge. So, they face big troubles during the time of trading.

However, now, we will point out the reasons for which the traders blow up their accounts. So, if you want to avoid major losses, you should read the article carefully.

Taking too much risk

Some beginners don’t follow the conservative method and take the high risk. Remember, if you take a high risk, you can face big trouble in the market. Because, if you take high risk, you might face problems to handle the situation. Sometimes, traders take the risk beyond their risk tolerance level. As a consequence, they fail to afford the big loss. However, as a beginner, you need to become conscious in terms of making the decision. Avoid taking more than 2% risk since you never know what will be the outcome of a certain trade. Follow the conservative method to keep your funds safe.

Trading against the major trend

Traders should not try to go against the trend of the market. Because they need to understand, they can’t beat the market. So, if they don’t go with the trend of the market, they will face a big loss. Keep in mind, if you use the trend trading strategy, you might get potential outcomes. Without getting a good experience, traders shouldn’t go against the trend of the market. Because, if they do so, they might face a big problem in the market. So, firstly, identify the trend of the market so that you can go with the market.


Overtrading causes severe problems for the traders. Because of this, they can’t increase their account balance. However, most traders can’t ignore greed. For this reason, they fail to earn money in the market. Remember, greed is the big enemy for the traders. If you can’t ignore your greed, you might face big troubles. So, every CFD trader should control their greed. Bear in mind, being a retail trader, if you fail to control your greed, you might face several losing streaks in the market.

Trading with a low-end broker

Every trader should trade with a good broker to make large profits. Remember, a good broker will aid you to get the best prices and they will not create any problems to deposit and withdraw the money. Remember, the high-end broker will aid you to get the right information about the market. Besides this, the broker will also aid to involve with the community of experts. So, if you can choose the right broker, you may able to solve your problems. On the contrary, if you choose the wrong broker, you will fail to protect your capital.

Trading with major news

You have to become up to date with the market to take a wise decision. If you can’t do so, you might not take the wise steps. For this, you need to know about the significant news of the market. So, try to borrow the economic calendar which will help them to know about the major news releases. Bear in mind, as a position trader, you have to know about significant news such as inflation rate, interest rate, the financial condition of the market, and so on. 

If you are aware of this news, you may go ahead in the market. But, many newbies miss the important news and can’t achieve their goals. So, being a beginner, you should not try to take any immediate actions after releasing the news because you might face problems.

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