Welcome to DivTalk!  In this video, I go over my Top 3 Best Stock Research websites: SeekingAlpha.com, SEC.gov, and FinViz.com.


I personally enjoy SeekingAlpha (SA) as it is a great website to read about many different opinions.  It is a ‘crowd-sourced’ investing site, where anyone with investment know-how can submit and publish posts (pending editorial, approval of course).

Whenever I am beginning my search on a new stock, SA happens to be one of the first websites I go to.  Not only do I enjoy the opinions and insights of the talented authors, the overall screeners and information is helpful too.  Being a dividend investor, SA has a special section where they lay out various metrics on dividends such as safety, yield, history, etc.  It is an excellent place for an investor to being.

I also write for SA on occasion, so be sure to find me under Matthew Ramey and follow me for recent posts.


Investors would be lost without SEC.gov.  Here you will find access to financial information that is material to a company’s overall operations.  10-Ks and 10-Qs are the most common looked at documents and will show you detailed reports on publicly traded entities.

This information is crucial in making an investment decision.  Every investor should become very comfortable with reading and analyzing these reports as they are the key to coming up with proper valuation points on a company’s operations.


FinViz.com is another site that I use routinely.  This site has access to great information, including a high level summary on each individual stock.  It also shows you the latest news and latest analyst recommendation on each individual security which can be valuable for a quick scan through.

I also use this site to track my portfolio gains/losses.  It provides a quick check on how well my stocks are doing from a strictly gain perspective.  The only drawback is that FinViz doesn’t calculate dividends and/or stocks on DRIP, so my true positions are not reflected in the quick check.  Despite this, it is a good site and one I use frequently in my stock research.


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