12 Best Financial Life Hacks to Improve Your Finances

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Welcome to my latest post, 12 Best Financial Financial Life Hacks to Improve Your Finances. My goal in writing this post is to help you improve your overall financial life. While most of the items will be specific to finances, a few of the items will be general life hacks. So why do I include…

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Week 8 – Build Your Motivation

Week 8

In the previous weeks, you were asked to lay out the reasons why Financial Freedom is so important to you as well as what your vision of being Financially Free really looked like.  In this week’s lesson, the goal is to build our motivation towards change.  While you likely are motivated from completing the previous…

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Week 6 – Develop a Realistic Schedule Towards Goal Achievement

Welcome to Week 6 – Developing a Realistic Schedule Towards Goal Achievement. This is part of our 52 Week Financial Freedom series, where we are teaching you the path towards Financial Freedom. We’re towards the end of our first few week’s worth of lessons which are all about setting S.M.A.R.T. goals with a great plan…

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Week 4 – Determine your Financial Freedom Vision

Welcome to Week 4 – Determine Your Financial Freedom Vision! In this post, we discuss everything needed to bring the lessons from weeks 1-3 together and continue on your Financial Freedom Journey. If you haven’t yet completed the previous week’s lessons, I’d encourage you to go back through and do so now. Building our foundation…

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Week 3 – Commit to Change: What Are You Willing to Do?

Welcome to Week 3 in our Financial Freedom Journey Series! Our goal with the series is to take you through the steps needed to become financially free. It is our goal to help you figure out the path towards becoming free so that you can enjoy your best life. In this week’s lesson, you are…

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