The Money By Ramey Dividend Portfolio: May 2024

By Matt Ramey | July 4, 2024

Hi everyone! Here is the Dividend Portfolio May 2024 Update:…

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Hi there and welcome! I am honored and humbled that you decided to come and visit my financial site,

My name is Matt – everyone calls me by my last name though – Ramey – thus this website was born.  I created this site because I wanted to combine two passion points of mine: Finance and Teaching.

My overarching personal goal is to build up my passive income portfolio to $50,000/yr and I want to teach you to do the same.

My sincere goal is to help teach you the art of becoming Financially Free by building up active income, passive income, and utilizing money in the best way possible.

Upward and Onward to Financial Freedom! -Ramey

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Dividend Income

We LOVE dividend investing!  We are working on building our Dividend Income to $50,000/yr.

Annual Dividend Income

Passive Income

We are working on building our Passive Income portfolio to $100,000/yr.  Join us on the journey!

Annual Passive Income

Take The 52 Week Financial Freedom Journey!

Today I want you to begin the 52 Week Financial Freedom Journey. This is a 52 Week expose in a step-by-step manner in how you can become Financially Free.

Each week you'll read through an article and then get a few 'weekly focus' items to help you on your journey towards Financial Freedom.

Upward and Onward towards Financial Freedom!


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Dividend Learning Center

I love passive income! One of the best sources available are stocks that pay dividends. Learn more about dividend investing at our Dividend Learning Center.

Be sure to visit the MBR dividend portfolio and use the dividend calculator.

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Managing our money doesn't have to be complicated.  In fact, as investors, it is our goal to find services and resources that simplify our life.

Check out the recommended services I have used over the course of my financial life!

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I love writing on financial topics.  My articles include anything and everything money-related.  Whether or not you want to learn dividend investing, the art of passive income generation, or money management topics, you'll find it on our article archives page!

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Learn how to build a solid monthly income stream by investing in dividend stocks. Matt teaches you how to become a dividend portfolio master. Join us as we grow our portfolio to $50,000+/Yr!

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