A Dividend Cut was Announced: What Should I Do?

Stock Market Data Analysis

A dividend cut was announced: what should I do!?! As an investor, one of the things we never want to see is deterioration in the companies we own, especially a dividend cut. Should you take this as an immediate sell indicator, or is there more to the story? Read on to get my take. The…

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Why Investors Should Consider Dividend Growth Stocks

Today, we welcome the guest post, “Why Investors Should Consider Dividend Growth Stocks” from Bob Ciura at Sure Dividend. Enjoy! Also worth a read: 11 Things to Look for When Look for When Investing in Dividend Stocks There are many investing styles to choose from. Investors can buy growth stocks, value stocks, dividend stocks, and…

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Two Investment Risk Spectrum Strategies

In a dividend investing strategy, each stock purchase falls onto the investment risk spectrum continuum. At one end of this spectrum are lower-yielding stocks that are generally considered less risky. At the other end of the spectrum are higher-yielding stocks that the market views as having more risk, thus, the dividend yield is higher. It…

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