Money By Ramey Bookkeeping Services

 Bookkeeping in St.Paul/Minneapolis, MN

The numbers always tell a story.

  • Should you expand your business?  
  • Should you continue to offer that product at that price point (or offer that product at all)?  
  • How many widgets do you need to sell to achieve your Break-Even point?
  • What are the ratios for the business and which is the business trending?
  • Are you maximizing your billing process to ensure that cash flow is being achieved in the most profitable manner possible?

The correct understanding and ultimately the answers to these questions can mean the difference between a healthy business and a business struggling to get by financially.  

This is where Money By Ramey can help. We offer Financial Consulting services to help your company manage its financial operations and grow beyond the day-to-day numbers entry.

While bookkeeping will give you the numbers, Financial Analysis will help you understand what those numbers mean.

The Bookkeeping and accounting experts at not only help you with all aspects of your bookkeeping operations. Our goal is to help you understand what the numbers mean for you and your business.  

Through a comprehensive and confidential Financial Analysis process, we will help you decipher trends which can lead to improvements and increased profitability in your business operations.  

We love working with small and medium-sized businesses! If you are an owner looking to outsource the finance function to a competent financial consulting firm, then reach out to the gurus at Money By Ramey today!

We will utilize our firm grasp of the numbers to show you how you can use those to help grow your business.


Financial Check-up

We offer Financial Check-Ups for your business.  We will put your numbers through our proprietary analysis procedure and give you a report write up on our findings.  

We offer one complimentary Financial Check-Up 100% confidential and complimentary – no strings attached.  

If you find value in this service, we invite you to inquire about our ongoing Financial Analysis Service.  We offer this service on intermittent frequencies – bi-monthly, monthly, every six months, etc.

Financial Consulting & Analysis

We offer Financial Analysis services on a project basis.  If you are looking to build a new excel model or figure out whether or not that new piece of business makes sense to invest in, call us today as we would welcome the chance to assist!  

General Accounting and Bookkeeping

Do you input your numbers on a daily/weekly basis?  Do you want to outsource this critical task of bookkeeping and accounting? Then reach out to the experts at!  

We can help you set up your accounting system and make sure you have the financial reports you need to make the decisions you need to make.  

In addition to completing the general tasks of bookkeeping, we will look for ways to optimize your billing process to ensure that your business cash flow is maximized. 

Instead of continuing to ‘get by’ with your finances, call us today to optimize your business.

Risk Management & Counterparty Risk Analysis

Through our Risk Management division, we help your company recognize where potential risks might be and offer solutions around protecting your most valuable assets: cash and A/R.  

Will this service apply to you?  Ask yourself these following questions:

  • Does your company buy or sell on credit?  
  • Do you have potential brought-to-market risk with your customers?
  • Do you have exposure to one business which could cripple your company if that business walked away?
  • Do you want to set up top-notch billing procedures and processes which optimizes cash flow?

We are experts in setting up and managing the billing process and identifying risks in your business process.  Ensure that you are managing risk accordingly by contacting the financial consutling experts at Money By Ramey!  

Contact us today and see how we can help you simplify your business life through bookkeeping & accounting services!

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